Welcome to Jurupa Unified School District

Parents/guardians are required to complete the Pre-Enrollment application to register a new student to Jurupa Unified. Please use this application to provide information about your household and your student(s). Submitting this application will begin the registration process at Jurupa Unified. Upon completing the Pre-Enrollment application new enrollees will need to visit the Parent Center to complete the registration process. If you do not complete the registration process within 60 days of submitting your pre-enrollment all data will be purged from our system, and you will need to submit a NEW pre-enrollment in order to register.

Parents/guardians will need a valid email address to begin. To sign up for a free email account click here: Gmail

A quick guide to the Pre-Enrollment application can be accessed by clicking this link: Guide to Online Pre-Enrollment

**Parents or guardians can select their preferred language in the upper-right corner of the screen.**
**Los padres o tutores pueden seleccionar su idioma preferido en la esquina derecha superior de la pantalla.**